How Do I Find The Right Hairdresser?

There are about 40,000 hairdressers that work in Australia. These hair professionals have a very diverse skill set that enables them to accomplish a variety of services. This includes cutting and styling hair, hair colouring, tinting, hair texturizing, bleaching, straightening, permanent waving, and other hair care routines. They offer a comprehensive service that is backed by certifications or an apprenticeship.

Whether it is because you have relocated or simply want to take better care of your hair, it can seem a rather daunting challenge to try and find a hairdresser that will provide you with the kind of service and care that you want. Here are a few tips you can use to find and choose a hairdresser that is right for you.

1. Source for referrals

Just as with any other service or product you are interested in, it is a good idea to ask those around you for advice on where you can find a good hairdresser or salon. You can start with trusted family and friends, and even cast a wider net with strangers whose hair you admire and who may have a similar type to your own. Most people are often happy to share details when you complement their hair and ask about where they had it done. Some salons even offer discounts or other incentives to clients that give referrals, so be sure to make a note of their name to pass it on.

2. Check your neighbourhood

It can be very convenient to have a hairdresser that is a convenient distance from your home or workplace. At a location you can easily get to when you need to. Walk around your neighbourhood and workplace to see what is available. Pay attention to places you feel have a good ambience and like the results of the clients that walk out.

3. Look online

The internet is the best source of information there is, including the best hairdresser in your area. You will no doubt find numerous local beauty forums and Facebook pages where you can find feedback on hairdressers.

Bear in mind that even the best hairdresser will receive the occasional bad review, whether deserved or otherwise. This makes it best to consider the overall feedback, while it’s also a good idea to see how the company replies to any poor feedback from customers.

4. Book a consultation

Make an appointment for a consultation with the hairdresser you are interested in. Some offer these first consultations as a free no-obligation session so they can establish that they understand what you want and can deliver.

Do not feel pressured to take up a service you do not want. This is all about testing the waters and ensuring they can accomplish what you want. Be wary of exaggerated promises. The hairdresser should be able to manage your expectations, more so with such complicated services as colouring. They should offer you realistic options for your situation.

It is also an opportunity for you to find out more about their rates, the products they use, techniques and other salon services. Do not be discouraged if they do not offer the service you want. You will likely have a list of hairdressers you are considering and can just move on to the next.

5. Appearances count

The appearance of a hairdresser is often a reflection of how seriously they take their work. Someone that is beautifully put together is someone that understands the value of keeping up appearances and thus will be better placed to help their clients achieve the same goal. You will want a hairdresser that presents lovely hair as part of their selling point.

6. Establish rapport

Some salon services can take hours to accomplish. You may end up spending several hours a week with this person, making it crucial to ensure their personality and yours mesh well. It is normal for many people to develop a strong friendship with their hairdresser given the amount of time spent together and talking. How they deal with you on a professional level and personality-wise will be a good indicator as to how good a rapport and relationship you will build. You need to feel like you are in the hands of a capable professional and can feel comfortable around them. 

7. Atmosphere

Given the amount of time you will spend in the salon, you also need to consider the environment. Beyond the colour scheme and furniture, you should also pay close attention to cleanliness. This is where hair and nails are handled, and the last thing you want is to find other people clippings around you. There should be a good routine for cleaning up between clients. Not just the workspace, but also the basin areas and hair styling tools.

8. How the session ends

It is important to have a hairdresser who is keen on ensuring the best results with your hair. This means that by the end of your session, they should have advised you on how best to care for your style, when you should return for your next appointment, and even what products you should use and how. They should not just be in a rush to move on to the next client. This genuine show of care can make for a valued long-lasting relationship where the hairdresser sees you as more than just a paying customer.