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Keratin – Smooth and Silky Hair, Naturally!

Keratin is a structural protein that is found in our hair, nails and skin. It helps make hair stronger, smoother, and more lustrous. For many hair types, there is often a deficiency in keratin that leads to dry and frizzy hair. Thankfully, there is an easy fix.

Keratin hair smoothing treatments penetrate into each hair follicle to make them healthier, stronger, and shinier. The structure of the hair is repaired by filling in the porous areas with locking chains of keratin, creating a smoother, stronger, and straighter strand.

So if you want your hair to look and feel better than ever before, then a keratin treatment may be just what you need. The key benefits of this hair treatment include:

  • Stronger hair – By filling in the porous areas in your hair follicle and boosting elasticity, keratin makes your hair stronger and better able to bear with different and repeated styling, application of heat, and other manipulations. Even changes and extremes of weather can have damaging effects on hair that keratin can help protect against. Keratin has a cumulative effect meaning the more treatments you undergo, the stronger your hair will be. 
  • No more frizz – Depending on your hair type and condition, changing weather patterns, especially of the hot, dry and humid type will often mean frizzy and difficult to style hair. A keratin treatment can often do wonders for such hair, helping to ensure a sleeker appearance for as much as 3 to 6 months thereafter. 
  • Sealed colour treatment – Undertaking a keratin treatment after having coloured your hair will seal the results. Some products may tone the colour somewhat, but the resulting colour will take much longer to fade and give off a glossier appearance. 
  • Damage control – Keratin conditions and moisturises hair. It also adds a layer of protection that prevents further damage and strengthens each strand. Your head of hair will look and feel shinier and healthier, no matter the weather. 
  • Curl protection –  Curly hair is often subjected to more brushing and other manipulation to get it under control. Keratin treatments work to make this hair less vulnerable to damage from styling by loosening the curl and making them more manageable. Less manipulation and heat will need to be applied to achieve desired styles, helping to further protect the hair and allow it to remain strong.

We Only Use & Stock the Best Keratin Products

At HeadOffice Hair Specialist, we utilize the Scaevola Signature Treatment System to help revitalize and enhance the appearance of our client’s hair. This renowned brand was locally developed to cater to the specific needs of Australians who are often subjected to harsh weather. Their go-Kera range is made using natural ingredients like Sericin silk protein, coconut oil, and murumuru butter that work to smoothen, moisturize, condition, and strengthen hair.

Unlike traditional keratin treatments, the go-Kera range does not make use of formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals or fumes that have been known to elicit allergic reactions and lead to respiratory problems. This line of keratin treatments uses a natural blend of ingredients to achieve silky, shiny, and beautifully healthy hair. Our team is fully trained and experienced in the use of the go-Kera range for hair smoothing treatments, aftercare, and toning. We also offer go-Kera Boost vitamins that help support healthy hair growth internally. All go-Kera products are safe to use in the salon and at home.