Styling Tools

All HeadOffice stylists are trained to use all GHD electrical tools and products, they have been specially trained how to teach all clients how to choose the right tools to suit their hair type and how to use them properly to get their desired styles on their own.

By working closely with GHD and their expert trainers, our stylists are given master classes and tips to get beautiful results – every time.

HeadOffice Hair Specialist stylists are thoroughly trained in the use and best practice of ALL GHD products and equipment, with our very own Leanne being bestowed the honor of becoming a GHD Style ambassador.

Leanne is given special training and priority access to all GHD products before they are available to other salons and to the public, this insight allows her to stay on top of and ahead of the ‘game’ when it comes to product use, styling techniques and best practice methods.

Hair tool brand

HeadOffice has been developed a close working relationship with the GHD brand and have worked on many highly coveted celebrity events.

GHD are one of the most economical tools on the market, and have spent a lot of time and energy into Research and development to ensure all products are safe for all hair types.

Leanne uses this priority access to teach and educate the rest the stylists on the best use of each GHD product. She then gives our clients a detailed ‘How-To’ when using these products and equipment on their hair. Through Education Leanne believes that everyone should be able to get salon style hair even in the comfort of their own home.

Becoming a style ambassador means that Leanne is a champion leader within the industry, she has shown great promise and a deep understanding of the products and how to best use them.

Hair tools