Sustainable Salon

HeadOffice is supremely ahead of its competition, as on March 2017 we have become a 97% sustainable salon, ensuring we are environmentally responsible in everything we do. Proudly aligning ourselves with Sustainable salon’s Australia.

What does this mean for you?

Your haircut will support charitable causes such as oil spill clean up in the world’s oceans, less waste for the local community and also charitable wig making services for cancer patients.

Everything in this salon (including foils, hair dryers, packaging) is recycled.

We carry a range of organic hair care products that are fair trade and vegan.

Our salon aims to achieve zero waste, to reduce our carbon footprint, and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community.

HeadOffice made the decision to become sustainable because we feel that we all need to do out part to sustain our environment for future generations. While we already practiced many sustainable activities, by becoming 97% sustainable we have drastically reduced our waste and also been able to donate to amazing causes and help not only the people but also the animals and the plants.

HeadOffice are proud to support this initiative –
to do our part  and give back to the community that has been so good to us.