Cheers To A New Year, New You

The New Year always provides an excellent opportunity to reinvent yourself. Many life-altering resolutions are made at this point. Many will fail even before the first month is over, but for those that manage to stick it out, the benefits can be amazing. There are many ways you can get started putting your life in order. Here are a few worthy considerations to get you started.

Who do you want to be?

This requires first considering the person you are now, the environment you live and the people you surround yourself with. Does your life now make you happy and fulfilled? Could you do better? What is holding you back? Our personalities are not set in stone. Making behavioural changes can alter our personalities to become the person we want. Envision the person you want to become and the kind of life that person lives. Think about what experiences and decisions led to that person becoming who they are. Imitate this alter ego.

You need to realise that this change is achievable, no matter how stuck in a rut you think you are. Even minor changes to start with can help give you the momentum to achieve your heart’s desires. Take time out to ponder what it is you want out of life and if what you are currently doing is helping you get there. If not, then list what needs to change and get started. Start small, but do start.

Learn a new skill or hobby

Trying something new is great for the mind, spirit and body. It can also lead to new career opportunities and new friendships. It is a great way to find constructive ways to fill up your free time. We have all done enough idling about the house during the pandemic. Now is an excellent opportunity to take up a new class, join a sports team, or even share your interests on social media.

People have found that their personalities can entirely change for the better by simply choosing to learn a new skill. They discover new facets to their personality, including the ability to reinvent themselves. New experiences can also help to boost confidence and happiness. You feel more motivated and have a healthier mindset.

Revamp your style

Many people wake up every day and look into the mirror with dissatisfaction. Whether it face pimples, excess weight, or dull clothing, our appearance plays a key role in how we and others view ourselves. There are many ways you can change things up and gain a healthier and more youthful look. A visit to a hair salon is a great way to find a new look that better compliments you. Not only can you leave with a stunning new hairstyle, but even advice on makeup looks that will enhance your best features. Some salons also offer helpful treatments like facials, massages, spray tans, pedicures and manicures that make you feel like a new person.

Even just a change of wardrobe can do wonders. You do not need to start from scratch. Go through your entire wardrobe to identify what still makes you happy, what you can tailor for a better fit, and what can go to charity. Visit thrift stores or look up discount deals online for what you feel is lacking. Decluttering your wardrobe can make you feel less stressed and more inspired.

For better physical health and looks, do consider getting into an exercise routine. You do not have to suddenly commit to going to the gym coming from a sedentary lifestyle. Small but healthy changes in eating habits and physical activity can slowly but surely get you to where you want to be. It is all about consistency and smart choices.

Make new connections

The pandemic has been difficult for many people. One of the worst impacts has been the isolation, especially on singles. As we look forward to the reopening of society, it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Try to mix with people that can have a positive impact on your life. Those that have admirable traits you would want to emulate. As they say, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

Where and when it is safe to do so, consider attending live events so you get a chance to engage with people that share a common interest, be it work or social. If it is not yet safe for face to face events, consider even virtual events. These have become increasingly popular and can make for a good foundation you can build a friendship on.

Look for better prospects

Many people have come to realise they do not feel as fulfilled in their work as they thought. Looking for greener pastures may be a good idea, especially if you are not enjoying as much life-work balance as you think you should have. Job opportunities in some industries have actually risen, meaning that if you look hard enough, you may likely find a position that is more rewarding than your current one.

With more businesses adopting a work-from-home formula, it could lead to a position that can better accommodate your need to also pursue other ventures. This may not last forever, but flexible work schedules and hybrid remote work opportunities may become more mainstream as they have been found to boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration.  Brush up your resume and try some personality tests. This can help you realise where your strengths and talents lie to better guide the career path you plan to pursue. Do not quit your current job until you have secured a new one.