Must-have Hair Styling Tools

Getting your hair just as you like it can be difficult if you don’t have the right products. The good news is that the right products are readily available, and you will already likely have some with you. Some of the most popular hair styling tools include the following:

Brush and Comb

A brush and comb are arguably the most essential hair styling tools. Despite their simplicity, brushes and combs can be used in numerous ways, giving stylists the flexibility they need to create wonderful styles.

Another handy feature of brushes and combs is their sheer portability, letting you adjust your hair whenever you need to. You will also find combs that are suited to different types of hair, while many also have useful features that help you tackle any hair-related issues you might be facing.

For example, the GHD Comb Out – Detangling Comb is made to help you deal with tangles quickly and easily. This professional comb is also heat resistant, making it suitable for use with styling tools that use heat.


Cutting hair is a learned skill, so it’s usually best to leave any cutting to the experts. However, it can still be useful to keep a pair of scissors for the occasional self-adjustment. Remember to use scissors made specifically for cutting hair to ensure you get the best results.

Hair clippers can also be a very useful tool for getting rid of unwanted hair growth, while they are also usually easy to use. Most clippers come with guards that help prevent you from accidentally cutting your hair too short, preventing unwelcome errors.

Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are other essential tools that help make it more convenient to wash your hair, while you can also use them for greater creativity. Many hairdryers are also very small, making them suitable for taking with you when swimming or similar.

Remember it is essential to use your hairdryer correctly for the best effect, and that exposing your hair to excess heat could cause damage. In most cases, it’s best to use a hairdryer at more gentle settings and you are free to experiment to see what you can achieve.

Among the best options available today, especially for people who travel often, is the GHD flight+ Travel Hair Dryer which has a compact and convenient design. This hairdryer is also suitable for all hair types thanks to its advanced ionic technology.

Hair Iron

A hair iron is an iron for hair, as in to make your hair flat as you would when ironing clothes. They work by holding your hair tightly flat and applying heat which will flatten each strand. Hair irons are ideal for people who want straight hair but have natural curls and other features that can prevent straight hair.

Very similar to hair irons are hair curlers, which work in very much the same way, only achieving quite opposite results. Rather than holding hair flat and applying heat for straight hair, hair curlers instead wrap hair tightly around a tube, with heat applied to help keep the hair in that position.

For example, the GHD Curve Thin Wand uses a 14mm ceramic barrel that helps you turn even the straightest hair into tight curls. This product also uses the latest heating technology that helps prevent any damage to your hair.

Volumizer Hair Dryer

If you have flat hair with no volume then a volumizer hair dryer could be just what you need. A volumizer hair dryer looks like a normal brush, except it has holes that can let air pass through. With hot or cool air blowing through your hair as you brush it, you can easily create a style with more volume.  

Hair Clips

Hair clips are valuable hairstyling tools in so many ways. For one, they can help to keep your hair in the desired position, helping you create some wonderful hairstyles. Not only that, but hair clips come in a variety of styles themselves, helping you create the desired aesthetic.

Hair clips are also often a godsend when it comes to keeping long hair under control. Some people might want to use one to achieve a smart look when at work, while others will need their hair kept steady during activities.

Shampoo and Conditioner

While shampoo and conditioner might not be considered ‘tools’, they are still an essential consideration when styling your hair. You will find a wide range of shampoos available for different hair types, helping you get the style you want. Using the right shampoo and conditioner will not only help you get your hair looking fantastic, but they will also help keep your hair healthy in the long term.


Above is just a small sample of popular and essential hair styling tools. Which you find the most useful will depend on factors such as which type of hair you have and which styles you want to achieve. Thankfully, most items are affordable, making it easier for you to style your hair just as you need it.

One of the best ways to find what works best for you is through trial and error. After all, what works great for somebody else won’t necessarily be effective for you. Using trial and error is also made easier thanks to the affordability of hair styling tools.

If you have any questions about the hairstyling tools we use or you need to know which ones to use yourself, get in touch and we will be happy to help. you are also free to ask about the various hairstyling services we offer.