Join us for a Live Make-Up Tutorial from an Expert

Headoffice Hair is looking forward to welcoming you to our Bondi Junction salon on 4th March for a live make up tutorial. The event is held in conjunction with Beauty Products Australia and is hosted by the talented Aoibheann Curran.

Aoibheann will be demonstrating some of the latest makeup trends, including the following.

Statement Eyes

From bedazzled lids to coloured eyeliner, bold eye makeup has become a top trend for 2022 thanks to TV shows like Euphoria and styles spotted on recent fashion runway shows like Rodarte. Not to mention that if we have to keep wearing masks, this offers a great way to wow others by emphasising what little is exposed.

If glitter and bright colouring are a tad much for your taste, then consider classic looks like kitten eyeliner and detailed brows that work well for both formal and casual environments. The 1960s eye makeup trend that picked up in 2021 is likely to keep being popular, giving women more of a chance to try more striking eye shadow colours and experiment with eyeliner styles and fake lashes.

Metallic Look

Not to be mistaken for glitter, metallic makeup shades are a great way to embolden your appearance with a futuristic feel. Great for when you feel inclined to be youthful and edgy, the metal-like finish is best achieved by settling on just one aspect to focus on. Be it your lips, cheekbones, or lids, choose just one feature to emphasise this way, creating a focal point that brings out the best in your appearance.

Pink Blush

Pink and purple shades of blush are becoming increasingly noticeable on the runway and in fashion magazines. Refreshingly flattering on just about any skin tone and in both cream and powder forms, this makeup trend is seeing a resurgence that is worth a trial.

And it is not just the colouring that matters, but also how it is applied. Blush draping encourages more extensive application towards temples and over upper cheekbones. The liberal contouring can do much to give your skin a refreshing look and natural lift.

Glossy Lips

Lip glosses are expected to also keep being a preference over matte lipsticks in 2022, both on and off the runway. High gloss lipsticks in rich red-brown colours are predicted to very much be featured in upcoming makeup lines. A trend that was often seen during the 90s, it represents another throwback moment people just seem drawn to indulge in.

Whatever makeup style you choose to try, it is necessary to have the right equipment on hand. Having the right set of brushes will help accomplish this. Here are the basics you will need.

Makeup Brush Must-Haves

·       Foundation Makeup Brush

The first brush to have on hand once you have applied primer is a foundation brush. Kabuki brushes are considered the best quality for their durability and versatility which also makes them ideal for adding blush and blending. Your kabuki foundation brush should work just as well whether you opt for cream or powder foundation.

·       Blender Brush

For a sophisticated airbrushed look, you will need a good blender brush. It will blend in the different makeup applied for a flawless finish.

·       Concealer Brush

Smaller and denser, this brush offers just enough of a tip to more precisely apply and blend in your concealer over small areas of discolouration.

·       Blush Brush

Feathery and lights, the brush is ideal for sweeping on a touch of blush. It can also be used for bronzing and adding face powder. The bristles are angled, allowing for their use when contouring.

·       Contour Brush

Contour brushes come in a variety of sizes and shapes so just ensure you pick one with the desired soft and fluffy bristles for light sculpting. Its use will help add more dimension as you work on the hollows of your cheeks.

·       Brow Brush

When you want to better define and fill in those few and fine brow hairs, you will want a brow brush handy. It will help bring out your natural arch and achieve a more feathered look. 

·       Eyeshadow Crease Brush

With fluffy yet tapered bristles, the eyeshadow crease brush works well by getting into the crease and adding dimension where you need it. A useful tool to combine with a double-ended shadow brush for when you want to create a bold and colourful look.

·       Eyeliner Brush

Its fine tip is ideal for creating clean lines when you want that winged look. It does, however, take time to master its use so get started practising and you will eventually get perfect.

In A Nutshell

While trends do have their place in the world of fashion, it does not mean you have to abide by them. Trying them out to see if they are worth adding to your repertoire makes sense, but it is just as fine to stick to what has always proven reliable for you. So whether you like a nude makeup look or prefer to test out bold new styles, do what makes you feel beautiful and confident. To learn more about some of the best makeup tips and tricks, be sure to book your space for our upcoming awesome makeup tutorial that will be hosted by the amazing Aoibheann Curran.