How to Keep Coloured Hair Healthy

Modern dies and techniques mean you can have hair any colour you want, often with stunning effects. However, if you do get your hair coloured then you should be prepared to care for your hair appropriately so it stays in great condition.

To help, we’ve created this brief guide on how to keep coloured hair healthy.

1. Wash Your Hair Less Often

While it’s important to wash occasionally, you should also be careful not to wash your hair too much. This is because your scalp and hair are covered by protective and nourishing natural oils. If you wash too often then you can strip these oils away, potentially resulting in poor hair health and loss of colour.

Instead, it’s best only to wash when necessary, such as when going out for an evening or after coming home after a long day in a polluted environment. Of course, you should also wash if your hair is feeling too oily.

2. Pick the Right Shampoo

You will find shampoos available to meet a wide range of needs, including products made specifically for people with coloured hair. These shampoos will typically help keep your hair healthy while helping you maintain your hair colour.

While finding a shampoo made for coloured hair will help, you should also make sure the shampoo is right for your hair type. For example, you can find shampoos for coloured hair that are also ideal for hair that’s usually dry or greasy, and so on.

3. Use Conditioner Only

As we mentioned, washing your hair too frequently with shampoo can strip away the natural oils. However, you can still add nourishment and shine to your hair by using a conditioner. Instead of washing away oils and other dirt, conditioners are made to soak into your hair to provide nourishment and protection.

As such, this approach will help to keep your hair looking fantastic. It’s recommended to use conditioners that use natural oils and other ingredients that will help give your hair a protective barrier, maintaining the colour for longer.

4. Air Dry Your Hair

Blow dryers are very convenient because they help accelerate the drying process. Air drying long hair can take a long time, but the heat from a blow dryer can damage your hair, potentially causing it to lose colour.

If you are planning a night out, then try to wash your hair with plenty of time for it to dry out naturally. This will help keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy overall while also helping to maintain its overall health.

5. Use Hair Masks

Hair masks work in much the same way beauty face masks do. Wash your hair and dry it, then apply the mask, leaving it on for about 10 minutes in most cases twice a week.

The mask will cover your hair and feed it with nutrients and moisture, and will easily rinse off when ready. It’s best to rinse the mask with cold water and air dry where possible.

6. Avoid Heating Tools.

Heating tools like curlers can be effective at helping you get your hair just as you like it. However, the heat from these tools can cause damage to your hair so it’s best to avoid using them where possible.

If you do want to use heating tools you’ll be glad to know protective products are available that will help protect your hair from the heat. Not only will this help keep your hair in good health, but it will also help keep your colour vibrant.

7. Eat Well

Your hair needs nutrition just like the rest of your body does and supplying your hair with this nutrition will help ensure it remains healthy. As such, eating a healthy balanced diet will do a great deal to help the health and appearance of your hair.

The best ingredients for healthy hair include omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are found mostly in oily fish like salmon and some fruits like avocado. And not only will eating out help keep your hair looking healthy but it will also help keep your mind and body in great condition overall.

Protect Your Hair When Swimming

Whether you’re swimming in the sea or in a pool you should make sure your hair is adequately protected. Chemicals in a pool can do damage to coloured hair while you will be exposed to the sun’s rays when swimming in the sea.

One of the best ways to protect your hair when swimming is to use a cap. Not only can a swimming cap help keep your hair protected from harmful chemicals in the water, but it can also defend against UV rays. In addition to physical caps, you will also find a variety of products designed to protect your hair while swimming.

The good news for people with coloured hair is that there are plenty of options available to provide the protection you need. These options come as a variety of products in addition to good practices that will help keep your hair healthy.

One of the main things to remember is to try to avoid exposing your hair to heat direct sunlight and potentially harmful chemicals. You’ll also find products that help to nourish your hair in addition to keeping it safe from the elements.

If you would like to know more about keeping your hair healthy and looking it’s best feel free to get in touch with the team at Home Office Hair at a time that’s good for you.